OWEN DAWSON (Vocals/synths)
MICHAEL De souza (guitar)

Big Bad Wolf is a London based band featuring washy guitars, ambient vocals, brassy hooks and deep grooves…

...this distinctive sound arises largely from the band's consistently egalitarian process of group composition, where all 4 members are present from conception to completion of each song. Starting each writing session by recording an open-ended group improvisation, they then listen back, pick out the best ideas and then develop them into intricate and concise pieces of music. Big Bad Wolf have developed a unique way to bridge the gap between improvised music and contemporary pop/rock styles. All four band members have a strong grounding in jazz from their studies on the prestigious jazz course at the Royal Academy of Music and at Leeds College of Music. From this background, the band strives to constantly push the boundaries and blur the edges of the genre through a wealth of influences, from Bjork to Radiohead to Bill Frisell, brought to the table by each member to the group. From the band’s first experimentations in late 2014 there has always been a primary focus on the instrumental blend within the slightly unconventional line up (trombone, guitar, bass VI and drums) and how to work that into forging an individual, contemporary sound whilst still honouring the improvisational element of the jazz tradition. 

Big Bad Wolf are proud recipients of a Help Musicians UK Development Grant (Peter Whittingham Award), funding from Grants For The Arts and are also winners of the 2015 Zealous X Music Category.

"Chill-out music with verve" - Jane Cornwell, Evening Standard
"One of the best albums I've heard this year" - Mike Flynn (Jazzwise) on Europe Jazz Media
"The title track affirms how inventively the quartet juggle tone colour, constantly renewing sub-themes, and subtly shifting grooves" - John Fordham, The Guardian
“At its best this quartet’s debut displays a very British quirkiness” - Clive Davis, The Sunday Times
"Pond Life is a day dreamer's delight. Its care-free atmosphere and melodic beauty makes it easy to become enveloped by its warm spell. It provides a perfect backdrop for a mind to dream of the future, or it offers a perfect spark to light up and reawaken long-lost images of the past and last goodbyes." - DPRP.net (Dutch Progressive Rock Page)
"Wherever you turn, be it the joyous bounce of 'Canary' or the lyrical melancholy of 'Quiet Coach', there's treasure to discover" - Andy Robson, Jazzwise
"A feel-good, windows-down cruiser" - Adrian Pallant, Critic  (AP Reviews)
"Sun drenched blissed out optimism" - Marlbank
"An utterly charming confection of brass-tinged pop dipped in melancholy and laced with a very slight mathrock tincture" - The Progressive Aspect
"There's no question this group has an immaculate chemistry, leading to the tight and singular success that is Pond Life. This debut outing from Britain comes highly recommended for all who seek modern innovation and recombination in jazz today." (3.5/5) - All About Jazz
"I really like the kind of combination of lazy trombone and darting guitar riffs" - Jez Nelson, BBC Radio 3 (Jazz On 3)
“Pond Life successfully synthesises several strands of music to deliver a distinctive group sound. These are young musicians who are combining their jazz education and sensibilities with the music of their own time to create music that is fresh and personal” - The Jazz Mann
"I thought, is this some Zappa I've never heard? And then it kept going beyond that..." - BBC Radio 3 listener